Ways to Host a Great Tailgate Party

Football Tailgate

Football Tailgate

The start of fall means the return of football season, which itself means that it’s time to break out the foldaway tables, coolers, and cornhole for tailgating. If you’re planning to host a great tailgate party this year, heed these tips for a gathering you and your friends are not soon to forget.

Make your trunk or truck bed a table

Wanting to take that Jeep® Grand Cherokee out to a game? Turn it into more than just a vehicle — make it a table! You can pop open your hatch and lay a tablecloth down on the Grand Cherokee’s cargo bed, turning it into an ersatz table for snacks, coolers, and more. If you have a truck, you can use its bed for the same purpose.

Use decor

Nothing quite says football season like showing your team pride with vibrant colors and decorations. To make sure that your tailgate party is appropriately festive, you can decorate your vehicle with garlands, temporary paint, and other assorted accessories that express your fandom. Don’t forget to wear your best jersey!

Catch up on the pregame show

Many vehicles from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, and Ram have the technology to help enhance your pre-game experience. Whether it’s streaming live television through your devices using built-in Wi-Fi or plugging in a big-screen TV and plopping it into your truck bed, you can keep up to date on the day’s games more easily.

Blast a pre-game playlist

What’s a party without lively music? Use your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, or Ram’s audio system and infotainment to crank out your pre-game playlist loud and clear. Whether it’s rousing stadium rock or hype-worthy hip-hop, your vehicle will amp the party up with its cutting-edge audio technology.

Turn Your truck bed into a lounge area

Want to unwind a bit before the game? That’s easy enough to do since all Ram trucks have ample bed space, allowing you to make your truck’s bed into a premium lounge with beanbag chairs, snacks, drinks, and entertainment.

If you’re ready for some football and ready to get into a new ride, stop at Blackburn CDJR and get into the game.

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