How to Save Money on Gas

Pumping Gas

You’re a thrifty enough person that you’re always trying to find some way to save yourself a little bit of extra money. Even with lower fuel prices than we’ve seen in some time, that means looking for ways to save money on gas. Here are some useful tips for cutting down how much you pay at the pump.

Don’t idle

Idling for more than 30 seconds is a quick way to use up your fuel. You’re basically just burning fuel at a rate of 0 mph — doesn’t sound practical, does it? It’s more efficient to turn off your car and restart it than it is to idle for minutes at a time; contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t use any more fuel to turn the engine on and off than it does to just let it run.

Buy gas earlier in the day and the week

Gas is denser when it is cooler, which means that you’ll get more of it from the pump if you buy it earlier in the day when temperatures are lower. You might also get more gas to the dollar if you buy gas earlier in the week, since prices tend to rise from Wednesday to Saturday.

Drive steadily

If you have a habit of braking at the last minute or accelerating quickly at every possible chance, you are driving in a way that wastes precious fuel. Adjust your driving to accelerate and brake gradually, and you’ll find yourself buying gasoline less often.

Service your vehicle

Taking care of vehicle maintenance like oil changes, air filter changes, and tire pressure maintenance is an important step in ensuring that your vehicle is providing its most efficient performance possible.

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