How to Buy a Used Pickup Truck

Used Truck Delivery

New pickup trucks are expensive. One way to help you save money while still getting a great truck is to buy a used one. If you want a buy a used pickup, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

How much towing has it done?

Since many trucks spend most of their time hooked up to a trailer, this can cause additional wear and tear that a sedan or hatchback won’t go through. If you don’t have precise information on how much towing a particular truck has done, have it inspected by a mechanic to look for signs of wear. Other clues are a well-worm tow hitch and a bent rear license plate.

Has it spent a lot of time off road?

Many truck owners also use their trucks to go off-roading. This could even include work on farms or unpaved worksites. While trucks are designed for this type of work, it can cause more wear than simply on-road driving. Again, a mechanical inspection can help determine how much life is left in the truck.

Was the truck used commercially?

If a truck was owned by a business, it could have had a rougher life than the average privately-owned truck. A thorough inspection can help make sure the mechanical components are working properly.

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