Helpful Tailgating Tips, Right on Time for Football Season!


Summer’s great and all, but saying “so long” to that season means saying a much-awaited hello to our actual favorite time of year: football season. At Blackburn CDJR, we have a few self-purported tailgating pros who have some wisdom to share when it comes to every football fan’s favorite pastime. So, let us enlighten you now with our most helpful tailgating tips:


  • Pack your cooler correctly: Cans and bottles go on the bottom, topped with a layer of ice; make sure everything is already cool before it goes into the cooler; and fill the cooler to the very tippy-top so no warm air can weasel its way in.
  • Save old six-pack caddies: These convenient cardboard containers are perfect for transporting and serving condiments as well as utensils.
  • Bring an empty plastic tub: This is to put dirty plates and cooking equipment into as an easier way to transport the messier items!
  • Finger-food is the best food: Food that can be easily picked up and eaten with your hands, sans a plate and utensils, will save you money, reduce waste, and make clean-up easier. Burgers, hot dogs, and kabobs are the obvious options, but you can also make flapjacks, bacon, and even put chili into a bread bowl to minimize the excess. Get creative!


We hope you’ve found these helpful tailgating tips… well, helpful. If you now need a helpful tailgating vehicle for the new football season, stop by Blackburn CDJR today to see our impressive lineup of trucks and SUVs!

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