4th of July Party Recipes

4th of July Party Recipes - Blackburn Motor - Vicksburg, MS

If you’re hosting a holiday party this summer, don’t forget to spend some time planning a delicious menu with drinks, snacks, and desserts. These 4th of July party recipes will keep your table spread as patriotic as possible.

4th of July Party Recipes - Blackburn Motor - Vicksburg, MS

Firecracker strawberries

A chocolate-dipped strawberry is a classic sweet treat that’s easily turned into a red, white, and blue dessert. Just substitute milk or dark chocolate for white chocolate and add blue sprinkles at the end to create these Firecracker Strawberries from Delish.


Watermelon sangria

Stay cool with this summery take on a classic fruity drink. Fresh watermelon is blended with rum and wine to make sangria, then garnished with fresh red and blue berries for a distinctly patriotic feel. It’s a refreshing, adults-only drink perfect for long summer afternoons on the back porch—just be sure to stay put if you’ve had a couple drinks.


Red, white, and blue salsa

You can leave the jarred, store-bought salsa behind in favor of this fresh, colorful, and fruity salsa. This unique recipe combines classic salsa ingredients such as lime, jalapeno, and cilantro, then mixes with fresh berries for a truly unique chip dip.


Watermelon strawberry salad

Don’t let those leftover watermelon slices and strawberries feel left out. Instead, use them to create this refreshing fruit salad, which adds olive oil, basil, feta cheese, salt, and pepper for a surprisingly tasty twist on a classic side of fruit.


There are so many different ways to go when it comes to supplying the goods for your Independence Day party. If you want to celebrate your own personal independence with a brand-new ride, stop by Blackburn CDJR for a test drive.

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